The Bathroom Attack

  We have all seen public bathrooms. There are, typically, two doors: one showing an outline of a man, the other of a woman. Common sense tells us that based off of your anatomy you either go to the door to the left or the right. But, in an absurd fashion, there is a movement […]

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The Age of Insecurity

We are currently faced with a pandemic. What I mean by “the age of insecurity” is not a midlife crisis or teenagers. It is the fact that many if not most Americans feel unsafe, threatened, or in danger in one way or the other. Whether it is from insecure borders, terrorists, the idea of being […]

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The Lie of Entitlement

A growing feeling in the United States today is that of entitlement. Many people, and some not just liberal minded, say phrases like “This offends me” or “You can’t say that, its not politically correct”. I would like to be to be the first person to trod on your toes of entitlement by saying that […]

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Social Media: Tool or Trade?

Social Media. It is everywhere. You probably¬† read the news on it. You most likely talk to your friends on it. You may even have found this page from it. And social media is certainly a go-to tool for politicians and, especially now, Presidential Candidates. But we have to ask ourselves, why is it so […]

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