A quote by Peter Marshall

“When are we going to let legislators in Washington know that we don’t want any more politicians who are afraid of the next election and scared to ask us to make the sacrifices we know are necessary to preserve our liberties and our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution?

“When are we going to tell them that we want to know what are our duties…not what are our privileges?

“When are we going to say to them that we don’t want to hear any longer about what we can get from our country, but we do want to hear what we can give to our country?

“When are we going to stand before God and say that we know a human being is worthy of freedom only when he serves the ideals in which he believes?”

We are enjoying the greatest freedom the world has ever known- a freedom that staggers all who well consider it- for we are free in these days to ignore the very things that others died to provide.

-Dr. Peter Marshall, quoting Ambassador William Bullitt in a sermon delivered at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C. on September 15, 1940.


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