Changing Chiefs: The Need for a Peaceful Transition

The 2016 Presidential Election is over. Donald J. Trump is President-elect, and not everyone is happy about it. Many protested the week after the election in protests much resembling those in Ferguson, Missouri of 2014/15 or the Baltimore Riots earlier this year. Burned out cars, ransacked businesses and hashtags such as “#NotmyPresident” littered Social Media. Where many celebrated the new President-elect, many also denounced and even rejected him.

Coming from the view of a Conservative, this is wrong. The United States Constitution was created and has been amended to ensure that our nation survives the test of time and functions as a thriving beacon of freedom. The best way to damage this freedom is to reject our leadership. Even while I have disagreed on many of President Obama’s policies, I still recognize him as the President of the United States, my United States and therefore my President. But coming from the view of a Reporter who must cover both sides of the Political spectrum in an unbiased manner, this divide is not only ineffective but dangerous as well. It Is extremely difficult to put policy into effect without the support of the people. An effective newspaper reporter reports the truth, and with a heavy heart I bring you this truth; the United States of America is divided, and this needs to change.

When we see a nation divided against itself, we often see an ineffective, politically and socially divided group of citizens who are heading nowhere but down. What do I mean by that? I mean that when the United States was divided over the issue of slavery and went into a Civil War over the election of Abraham Lincoln, the only thing that was accomplished was bloodshed. Only towards the end of the conflict, when hundreds of thousands of lives had been claimed and blood soaked the dirt in towns like Gettysburg and Chancellorsville, did the government of the United States decided that enough was enough. That was the birth of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibited slavery on American Soil.

Division is one way to get something done. But do we want bloodshed? Do we want strife and terror like our own Civil War, or the one currently destroying places like Aleppo?

Donald Trump is no Abraham Lincoln, and I doubt that we are on the brink of Civil War just yet, but it is time to start coming out of the election competition and start working on securing the future of our nation. Even when Republicans and Conservatives have not agreed on Obama, they have done their best to create policy that positively affect the welfare of the United States. It is time to work together to ensure that we do not remain trapped in the division and protest that wreaked havoc in 2014-2016 especially.

That begins with a peaceful transition. What exactly is a transition? In our terms, it is when one President works with the other to leave the Oval Office open to the President-Elect. Transition implies a smooth change from one to the next. If it was meant to be otherwise, wouldn’t it be called something like a removal or perhaps a disruption? A transition is meant to be peaceful and supportive. That not only involves those in Political position, but the citizens as well. It is up to use to stand behind the new President whether we like it or not. He has yet to put policy into effect. If we want any influence at all, whether you be a Democrat, a Never-Trump supporter, or a Trump supporter, it is time to lay down our election cycle boxing gloves and start working like the United States should work. This means no more violent protests and no more rejection of races other than your own.

 The Constitution begins with the words “We the People”. It was created by men who would later debate the very existence of a Union.  But they worked to ensure that we could still stand on the steps of the United States Capitol today as a free people, sure of freedom and peace, free from the chains of slavery and religious persecution. They created and envisioned the United States of America.


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