Social Media: Tool or Trade?

Social Media. It is everywhere. You probably¬† read the news on it. You most likely talk to your friends on it. You may even have found this page from it. And social media is certainly a go-to tool for politicians and, especially now, Presidential Candidates. But we have to ask ourselves, why is it so […]

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The Terror Attacks in Belgium

Today we witnessed a mass terror attack in the city of Brussels, Belgium. Reminiscent of France, this act was done with only one selfish purpose; to kill innocent people that do not match up with the beliefs of Radical Islam. And just like in Paris, innocent people died and we must honor them; but not […]

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Mitt Romney: “Choose Cruz”

Today, former Governor and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that he would be voting for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Tuesday caucuses. Stressing that the only way Donald Trump can be beat is through an open convention, Romney spoke a couple of weeks ago condemning Trump’s campaign, calling it “Phony”. He recently supported Marco […]

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Tuesday, March 15 Primaries

Tuesday is a vital day for the future of our nation. The stakes are high; the right choice must be made to preserve the future of our democracy. As long as it is a democracy, we have a choice. The five states that vote on Tuesday have the stage now. It is vital that these […]

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