South Carolina Primary

Looking at the results coming in I am seeing the thousands of votes going to each candidate. Donald Trump is leading by a lot now, with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio tied and battling for second. Here is the deal. Ben Carson, Jeb Bush and John Kasich each have over 10,000 votes, with Jeb Bush […]

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Presidents Day

Photo Credit NRSC Today we celebrate Presidents day, in which we remember and honor the past Presidents in our nations history. One of the photos, pictured here, happened to show my four favorite presidents, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Each of these men contributed to our nation’s well being and […]

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The Purpose of this Blog

This blog is what the title suggests; a political opinion blog written by a Collegiate Conservative. I have no experience in legislation besides being informed; I have not run for office (yet) and I have not been a part of a campaign staff (yet). But what I am is informed and willing to voice my […]

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