Fixing the Broken Tax Code

It is important to consider the need for a tax reform; it would positively support the American people. The overall plan needs to be simplified; for example, there are currently seven tax brackets. The new tax plan would narrow it down to three. Alone with the simplified brackets, the broader base in the tax plan would close loopholes that […]

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A quote by Peter Marshall

“When are we going to let legislators in Washington know that we don’t want any more politicians who are afraid of the next election and scared to ask us to make the sacrifices we know are necessary to preserve our liberties and our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution? “When are we going to tell […]

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ONE nation, under God

Recently, sports news has been filled with division. Rather than the latest controversy over the NFL rule book or the furthest home run of the week, an American past time has become divided over whether or not to stand for the national anthem of the United States of America. Where the beginning of a sports […]

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“The City on a Hill”

Recently, the topic of immigration has been at thew forefront of all political discussion. Questions like Who do we keep out? and Who gets to stay in? are being debated and challenged from the left and from the right. The loud uproar raised by supporters of Donald Trump are  being met with the equally loud shouts of protest from […]

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Stand by our Leaders

Last night we elected Donald Trump to the White House. No matter who your candidate was, it is time to come together as America always has and work to improve where we need to improve. I personally believe Hillary Clinton could not have done this. Again, that is my personal opinion. I said before the […]

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The Need of the People

Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged. Ronald Reagan Recently, you may have noticed that our nation is in the middle of a great struggle. We have ISIS on our doorstep, controversy in our courts, and corruption in our government. There is a great fear in this […]

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